10 CHEERFUL Christmas Markets in New York City Worth a Visit!

In a city known for it’s shopping, often times the best finds are tucked away in one of the many New York City Christmas Markets. Local artisans and creators bring their unique products and locals can’t seem to get enough, especially with vibrant holiday cheer around every corner.

That’s why I’m here to tell you which Christmas markets in NYC are non-negotiable during your visit. I’m a New Yorker who loves Christmas and I make frequent stops at all my local markets in an effort to find the best.

Whether you’re here for a quick trip or have a week-long stay, visiting some New York City Christmas markets should be a priority. They’re quick and convenient if you’re searching for a gift, and a fun way to spend a few hours just sipping on something warm and watching the locals scurry around.

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Tips for Visiting New York City Christmas Markets

Bring an umbrella: Bring an umbrella and a waterproof jacket because most of the New York City Christmas markets you plan on visiting are going to be waiting for you, rain or shine.

Bring cash: Most vendors take cards so if you can’t get any cash it’s not the end of the world, but it can come in handy for small items. Also, NYC Christmas markets are mostly made up of small businesses, so a cash-tip can go a long way.

Bring your own tote: I’ve made the mistake myself, visiting New York City Christmas markets just to check it out only to find myself walking out with gifts for the entire family. Come prepared and avoid bag fees by bringing your own from home.

Holiday Checklist NYC

#7. Holiday Makers Show

The Makers Show (TMS) is a market founded to provide minority-owned businesses with a place to sell their goods, as well as providing a means for locals to help support small businesses.

Every year there is a Holiday Makers Show, which is one of my favorite Christmas Markets in New York City. The vendors stock their most festive products and you can shop for unique gifts all while helping the community.

There’s amazing jewelry, beauty products, and art to be had as well as delicious food from all over the world. You can view The Makers (vendors) on TMS’ website, and even apply to become one yourself!

Dates: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from November 25th to December 23rd, 2022.

Address: 445 Albee Square W, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Holiday Makers Show Best Christmas Markets NYC
Image Courtesy The Makers Show

#6. Grand Holiday Bazaar

The Grand Holiday Bazaar is in the Upper West Side, and I live close by so this is one of the New York City Christmas markets I spend more money at than I’d like to admit.

The Grand Bazaar is the largest weekly market in NYC and 100% of it’s profits go towards four public schools in the neighborhood. The vendors are all local and handpicked by the bazaar and sell food, vintage items, custom jewelry, antiques and so much more.

Although the bazaar is around all year, for one month it transforms into one of the many New York City Christmas markets. Vendors sell everything from apple cider donuts, ornaments and unique gifts.

Dates: Every Sunday from November 27th to December 18th, 2022

Address: 100 West 77th St, NY, NY 10024

#5. Grand Central Holiday Fair

As one of the most iconic landmarks in NYC Grand Central Terminal is a must visit for any first time visitor to the city. Seeing an average of 750,000 visitors a day you’d be shocked to learn that Grand Central also hosts one of the most popular New York City Christmas markets.

Indeed, in Vanderbilt Hall, next to the main concourse Grand Central Terminal is able to squeeze in a sizeable NYC Christmas Market. Local vendors stock their stalls, selling things like artwork, scarves and candles.

After shopping take advantage of the food court below the terminal. Grab a snack and use the restroom before continuing onto other popular New York City Christmas markets.

In full transparency this is a Christmas market in NYC I choose to avoid since there isn’t necessarily a strong holiday theme. Rather the market is full of pricey vendors and can feel like a tourist trap. I chose to include it because Grand Central Terminal is something every first-time visitor to New York City should see regardless, just my two cents.

Dates: November 14th to December 24th, 2022.

Address: 89 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017

Grand Central Holiday Market New York City
Image Courtesy New York Post

#4. Oculus Mall Holiday Market

Located right next to the One World Trade Center, Oculus Mall looks like the spine of a fish long forgotten. It’s quite the architectural feat and one of the most popular attractions in NYC.

What many folks may not know is that the main concourse of the mall annually transforms into one of the cutest Christmas Markets in New York City.

This market doesn’t necessarily have a ton of vendors since at the end of the day, it’s in a mall, but there are a few. The stands mostly consist of pastry shops and artists.

What sets it apart from other New York City Christmas markets are the beautiful decorations on display. The photo opportunities are endless, giant ornaments, lights, and Christmas trees make the perfect setting for a picture.

Whether it’s a group of young friends or an elderly couple, everybody whips out their phone to snap a flick.

Dates & Times: November 26th, 2022 to January 2nd, 2023

Address: 185 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10007

Local’s tip: Not only is it an actual mall, it’s also a functioning subway hub. This makes it a good spot to start or end your day at, and then hop on the subway home.

World Trade Center Holiday Market New York City
Image Courtesy World Trade Center

#3. Columbus Circle Holiday Market

Located just outside of Central Park, the Columbus Circle Holiday Market is one that is always jam-packed with both vendors and guests.

It’s not hard to see why this is one of the busiest Christmas markets in New York City, since the whole setting is reminiscent of a scene out of a movie.

A bustling traffic circle with taxis and commuters, the rickshaws in Central Park, and the shops in the Time Werner Center filled to the brim with holiday shoppers. The entire place seemingly comes alive, making this is one of the best Christmas markets in New York City for people watching.

There’s snacks and warm drinks for sale, as well as local creators selling anything from painting to jewelry. Since most of the vendors make their products by-hand, the Columbus Circle Holiday Market is a great spot for last-minute, unique gifts.

Dates: November 28th to December 24th, 2022

Local’s Tip: Public bathrooms can be hard to come by in New York City, take advantage of the mall across Columbus Circle in the Time Werner Center if you need to go.

#2. Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park

The most famous Christmas Market in New York City is the Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park.

During the winter the park is transformed into a European-style Christmas market, equipped with 100 vendors that line a magical ice skating rink that sits in the shadow of the Empire State Building.

The stalls sell fun Christmas decorations, handmade crafts, unique jewelry and — my favorite — food, lots of good food. Grab a hot chocolate from No Chewing allowed (one of the best in NYC) as you make your way around one of the liveliest Christmas markets in New York City.

The 17,000-square foot ice skating rink is free to use if you have your own skates, otherwise rental skates are available. Whether you decide to skate or just spectate while perusing, the Winter Village at Bryant Park is one of the best Christmas Markets in New York City you can’t afford to miss.

Dates & Times: Opens October 28th, 2022; shops close on January 2nd, 2023 and rink closes March 5th, 2023.

Local’s Tip: Swing by the New York Public Library to see the breathtaking Christmas tree in the lobby, one of 15 Stunning New York City Christmas Trees.

#1. Union Square Holiday Market

The Union Square Holiday Market in New York City is my favorite and one I visit multiple times every season.

Originally designed as a town square in 1839, the pedestrian plaza is home to a year round green-market. However during the winter, that green market swells in size and transforms into one of the best Christmas Markets in New York City.

The small, 9 acre park is manages to squeeze in more than 160 vendors. The smell of roasting nuts and hot apple cider wafts through the air as crowds of eager locals and tourists alike rub elbows from one cozy stall to the next, all in search of fun souvenirs to take home.

Warm up with rich hot chocolate and visit the various vendors selling fun kick-knacks and delicious fare. If you need an extra pep in your step to combat the winter weather, I suggest the mulled wine. I hear they have the best out of all the New York City Christmas markets. 😉

Dates: November 17th to December 24th, 2022

Visiting New York City Christmas

More markets in New York City

Here’s some of our favorite year-round (and indoor!) markets that warrant attention. They might decorate and the vendors may sell holiday fare, but the markets themselves are not Christmas-specific.

Chelsea Market

The Chelsea Market is a popular food hall mixed with unique shops, restaurants, and cafes. The market has 35 vendors waiting to impress you with tasty treats and fare.

Checking out Chelsea Market during your visit to NYC is a no brainer. Think of Chelsea Market as the house on the block that goes all out the holidays. No corners are cut when it comes to decorating, lucky us!

Whether you plan on shopping or just strolling through the epic decorations, the Chelsea Market is worth the stop when searching for a Christmas markets in New York City. Not to mention it’s a good place to rest your legs, have something warm and get out of any bad weather.

Address: 75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Chelsea Market
Image Courtesy Chelsea Market

Essex Market

Located in Downtown Manhattan, Essex Market is New York City’s most historic food hall. The market has been around officially since 1940 (unofficially since the 1880’s) and has served as a culinary gathering place for New Yorkers to come together as a community.

This three-story market is made up of over 30 individual vendors who each bring a unique story and new flavor to the table. And like the true New York City Christmas Markets, the vendors usually have some sort of festive offerings.

Along with the plethora of food options, Essex Market also offers a place to pick up fresh groceries, check out an art gallery, heck even a spot to get your hair cut.

There is plenty of seating on all levels of the market, but I especially recommend sitting upstairs. There are floor to ceiling windows that make for a charming place to rest your legs after a day of exploring the many Christmas markets in New York City.

Address: 88 Essex St, New York, NY 10002

Industry City

Industry City is a one-stop shop for both food and shopping. Comprised of 16 buildings across 35 acres, I can’t encourage you to visit more when checking out the beautiful Christmas markets New York City has to offer.

The large industrial space was established back in the 1890’s and the space was used for manufacturing and distributing products. Today however it’s one of the most popular markets in New York City.

Chock-full of events, eateries and shops, Industry City has it all. You can spend hours getting lost, roaming from place to place and still barely scratch the surface.

In between the buildings you’ll find colorful courtyards decorated with seasonal decor that rival the best Christmas Markets New York City has to offer.

Address: 220 36th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Industry City
Image Courtesy Industry City

Best Holiday Markets New York City (Post Overview)

  1. Union Square Holiday Market
  2. Bryant Park Winter Village
  3. Columbus Circle Holiday Market
  4. Oculus Mall Holiday Market
  5. Grand Central Holiday Fair
  6. Grand Holiday Bazaar
  7. The Holiday Makers Show
  8. Chelsea Market
  9. Essex Market
  10. Industry City

Map of the best Christmas Markets NYC

And there it is my friends! Our list of the best Christmas markets in New York City.

Hope you enjoyed, happy holidays.