10 ridiculous vanity plates that New York rejected this year

Vanity plates, or customized license plates, are great when they’re clever and really stupid when they’re not. We’ve all seen the tongue-in-cheek tags, from SUBAWU (on a Subaru) to MDLFCRISIS, and the regular personalized ones, too. They can range from funny to cringe.

But in order to get one, there are certain Department of Motor Vehicles rules you must abide by, according to PIX 11, which shared 2022’s vanity plate rejects this week.

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A license plate in New York State cannot represent a word, phrase, or expression with a meaning, connotation or format that the commissioner deems objectionable, meaning references to genitalia, going to the bathroom, violence and derogatory, contemptuous, degrading, disrespectful or inflammatory words will always be rejected. Plates that could also constitute copyright infringement are also not allowed.

In the list PIX 11 released, there are 39 pages full of such requests—company names like ZABARS and NICKJR, calls for and exclamations of violence such as REGICIDE and FPUTIN, character names including OLAF and ULTRON, as well as inappropriate things like SNDNUDES and HOTBOOTY.

Below, we’ve pulled out 10 of the funniest vanity plates New York’s DMV rejected in 2022 that make us question what drivers are thinking.




4. SH3TH1C





9. N33D2POO


See the full list here, thanks to PIX 11.

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