11 immersive art experiences are taking over this iconic Brooklyn block

A 6-foot platform has taken residence smack-dab in the middle of one of Brooklyn’s most iconic blocks by Washington Street in Dumbo.

The podium, dubbed the Six Foot Platform, functions as a stage for 11 different interactive art exhibits that run the gamut in terms of genre. Expect dance performances, music-related shows, painting installations, poetry sessions and much more to make use of the platform as a home base through September 10 from 1pm through 8pm. 

You can a calendar of performances right here, including the upcoming show “A Day in Dumbo,” led by artist MingLiang Lu. Throughout his time on stage, Lu will ask spectators to volunteer as models for 3D paper portrait cuttings.

Six Foot Platform
Photograph: Courtesy of the Dumbo Improvement District
Six foot platform
Photograph: Sean J. Rhinehart

Two weeks after, on August 20, Vanesa Alvarez Diaz will combine painting and poetry when working on two large live canvases on each side of the platform. Poet Marcos de la Fuente will then appear on stage to recite poetry while Diaz will paint his white jumpsuit.

“The artist’s intention is to make the viewer curious, first about the creation of a live art piece, second about the mix of disciplines and finally about the use of poetry,” reads an official press release about the series.

In September, artist Sarah K. Williams will deliver a sculptural performance that involves the “slicing and sampling of a collection of invented fruits,” reads the press release. “Each fruit, constructed out of an array of edible ingredients, is strikingly different in size, scent and texture, while the pits are all identical.” You’ll even get to handle samples of the fruits throughout the afternoon.

Clearly, great additions to the city’s already crowded public art scene, the various installations will also function as a celebration of the neighborhood. After all, there is just something about Brooklyn that makes it an ideal location for a leisurely afternoon spent gazing at unique art.

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