16 things New Yorkers would ‘ghost’ about this city

In honor of Halloween, we were curious about what New Yorkers would “ghost” (or abruptly leave behind) about the city, so we put the question to our readers who we know always creep it real. 

There seems to be a consensus because several answers—like rent prices and Times Square—came up over and over. But there were also a few boohoos that surprised us.

Here are 16 things Time Out readers would ghost about our totally ghoul city.

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1. The center of Times Square

Indeed, dissing and avoiding Times Square is one of the many uniquely New York habits people pick up after living here.

2. The TRAFFIC! 

New York was ranked as having the most stressful commute in the U.S.—eek. 

3. People driving scooters, motorcycles, bikes, ebikes, razors, and riding right up on you when you’re walking on the sidewalk or crossing an intersection

Also stressful.

4. Slow walkers and sidewalk blockers

Bonus points for the rhyming in this one.

5. Watering the sidewalk every morning as if it grows like grass

It does help keep down the stinky smells, though. 

6. The rats, but then I’d miss them immediately because it’s not NYC without them

The rats are definitely a part of NYC’s culture, but we could do with fewer. There are more rats now than ever before and the city has a plan to get rid of them. 

7. Dry bagels

Life is too short for bad bagels. Here’s our list of the best bagels around town. 

8. Those damn rent prices

As of this summer, the average Manhattan rent climbed over $5,000 for the first time ever. The good news: Two new studies show that the real estate market is finally cooling down, albeit slowly.

9. Not having enough closet space

High rent AND not enough closet space? That’s a ghost-able offense for sure.

10. Bicycle riders who don’t stop for pedestrians and ignore red lights

Let’s all agree to watch out for pedestrians, whether we’re on a bike or in a car. One step in the right direction: New York drivers will soon have to learn about pedestrian and bike safety to get a license. 

11. The heat in the summer

It’s not a dry heat, it’s a smelly, wet heat.

12. Gentrification

According to the Urban Displacement Project, there are 314 super-gentrified or exclusive neighborhoods in the New York City metro region.

13. The parking tickets

Yes, but … what if you could make some money by reporting illegally parked cars?

14. Big box stores

We’re all about shopping local. To get you started, here’s a guide to the best flea markets around the city.

15. Pigeons

Well, Brenda Fricker (aka the Pigeon Lady in Home Alone 2) would disagree with this one.

16. Trash on the streets

Some good news: There’s a new proposal limiting how long trash can sit on the streets.

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