A delicious new babka is coming to popular Breads Bakery this month

Everything at Breads Bakery is exquisite, which is why we get oh-so-excited when the sweets shop introduces a brand new item every so often. 

Babka Pie
Photograph: Courtesy of Breads BakeryBabka Pie

Beginning December 1, patrons will get to order a new bialy babka, which the bakery is releasing in collaboration with Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen fame as a way to celebrate the release of her new cookbook, Smitten Kitchen Keepers.

Reminiscent of a traditional bialystok from Poland, a bagel-and-English-muffin combination featuring a middle indentation that gets filled with cooked onions and poppy seeds, the novel babka joins a slew of others that have become synonymous with the essence of Breads Bakery, including the popular chocolate babka and a delicious cinnamon version of the treat.

In addition to December’s special menu addition, folks can already browse through the shop’s Thanksgiving offerings, which include a blueberry pie filled with lemon zest and juniper, a pecan tart with vanilla bourbon filling, a pie version of the shop’s famous chocolate pie and an apple crumb pie made with Granny Smith apples and topped with a brown sugar oat streusel.

Rustic Rolls
Photograph: Courtesy of Breads BakeryRustic Rolls
Savory Squash Tart
Photograph: Courtesy of Breads BakerySavory Squash Tart

There are plenty of side dishes to choose from as well, like pull-apart cranberry dinner rolls topped with smoked gouda cheese, a savory squash tart with caramelized onion and sage, plus sweet potato rustic rolls with gruyere cheese, onions and herbs.

Two items on offer mostly stand out when thinking of our upcoming Thanksgiving feast, though: an 8-ounce cranberry sauce with blood orange and thyme and Breads’ own stuffing, made with cubed challah harvest babka tossed with olive oil, herbs and spices. We’d honestly eat the stuffing on its own as well.

Breads Stuffing
Photograph: Courtesy of Breads BakeryBreads Stuffing

Considering that Breads Bakery sells the best baguette in New York City, we suggest you run to the nearest location to stock up on some of these goodies as well. 

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