A free immersive 'South Park' pop-up experience is heading to NYC

In celebration of South Park‘s 25th anniversary, Comedy Central has announced the launch of an immersive, traveling exhibit showcasing props, memorabilia, art work, collectables, scripts, storyboard concept art and more about the popular show. “South Park: The 25th Anniversary Experience” is set to kick off in New York’s Union Square, this Saturday, July 23, from 10am to 6pm.

Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, South Park is actually cable’s longest-running scripted series, so do expect the celebration to match the enormity of the occasion.

The immersive exhibition will be housed inside a custom fabricated shipping container that is inspired by the South Park Studios storage unit where many of the items that will be on display in New York have been held for over two decades. 

“The shipping container—which features a custom, Cartman-inspired paint job—will also serve as an interactive photo opp,” reads an official press release, revealing that attendees will get to post alongside the show’s characters against three different iconic South Park landscapes.

The free-to-attend pop-up will also serve as a point of purchase, so visitors will get to buy South Park merchandise, included limited-edition anniversary items specific to the city the exhibit will travel to.

After its stint in Union Square, the shipping container will head to Chicago, the Red Docks, Denver and Los Angeles.

Happy anniversary, Cartman, Kenny Stan, Kyle and company!

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