A giant nightclub is opening inside a converted Brooklyn hangar

Forgive us for thinking that the era of clubbing had ended: joining a pretty hefty roster of new nightclub debuts is SILO, a dance music club with a capacity for 500 people set to open on February 10 at 90 Scott Avenue in East Williamsburg.

The destination, the brainchild of promoters Alex Neuhausen and Lilly Wolfson, will be set up inside a converted hangar, so you can expect industrial touches to characterize the internal decor, which will also feature custom lighting setups and a high-contrast projection system that will allow the staff to map images on the ceiling and the walls, effectively turning the venue into an immersive one. 

“I wanted the space to have an elevated, polished look while still keeping the industrial aura,” said Wolfson in a statement. “It’s very structured and clean, but I don’t want it to feel like a club. I want people to forget where they are. I intentionally left the graffiti on the exterior to keep it nondescript.”

SILO, formerly known as Secret Loft, began as an underground party in a converted auto garage in Williamsburg. It took years for Neuhausen and Wolfson to find the perfect space.

Entertainment-wise, the carbon-neutral club will focus on all genres of dance music, hosting a variety of producers and DJs throughout the months (including an all-nighter with popular artist Eli Escobar!) alongside vinyl-only nights.

You can check out the entire opening lineup right here:

Photograph: Courtesy of SILO

The opening of SILO follows other similar ones all across York City in the past few months, including giant electronic music nightclub Virgo; Nebula, the largest destination of its kind to debut in Manhattan in years; and the Italian Musica, which is apparently the biggest nightclub in town and is backed by Cipriani owner Tito Pinton. 

What can we say? It’s the dawn of a new era. 

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