A heart-shaped island off Croatia has listed for sale

It’s the heart of the deal.

A portion of a small Croatian island nicknamed the “Island of Love” for its perfect heart shape has hit the market for nearly $11 million — and just in time for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re looking to gift a loved one a natural wonder for the holiday, especially in a country that’s seen a major rise in tourism beginning nearly 20 years ago, this one comes with some celeb pedigree. Locally known as Galešnjak, and located in the Pašman Canal of the Adriatic Sea, the island has attracted a who’s who of household names.

“Beyoncé had her 39th birthday party on the islet and she’s there several days or even weeks every year, Michael Jordan was there last year, Jeff Bezos as well, there’s no lack of celebrities in that area,” Silvestro Kardum, a representative for the owner, told Reuters.

While there are no hotels, villas or restaurants on the island, the A-list set is known to take yachts out to the heart-shaped landmass in the summer months to enjoy private, uninterrupted time in paradise.

Proceeds from the sale would be invested elsewhere in the local community, Kardum added. But, at the risk of causing heartache, the whole spread can’t be yours. Roughly a third of the island is for sale — and it’s being offered for development.

The island spans over 10 acres.
Does your heart burn for this heart-shaped Croatian island?

It is known as one the most recognizable Croatian islands, and has been included on many “best of” lists for travel.

In 2019, scientists from the Department of Archeology at the University of Zadar discovered that people lived there more than 7,000 years ago.

Spanning 10 acres, Kardum has revealed that potential buyers are already calling every day about the offering.

“Over a million photos per year are made on and around the islet and I think its popularity is really high,” Kardum told Reuters.

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