A musical about Staten Island is opening in Manhattan next month

It’s not that we don’t recognize Staten Island as the important New York borough that it is, it’s just that the vibe there is so utterly non-Manhattan that the mere idea of running a musical about Staten Island in midtown fills us with pangs of laughter.

After all, what can do the show even be about? The fact that Staten Island is the only borough that is not connected to Manhattan via subway (but the ferry is free!)? The reasons why it’s often referred to as the forgotten borough or, perhaps, an analysis of the majority of the residents’ propensity to define themselves as Italian. 

Alas, we’re just going to have to wait and see what sorts of topic Staten Island! The Musical will delve into when it premieres off-off-Broadway at The Tank (312 West 36th Street by Eighth Avenue) for five shows only starting December 1. Tickets are currently on sale for a variety of dates right here.

According to AM New York, the Staten Island-set production “redefines what it means to be a resident of Richmond County and gives meaning to the absurdities of life on Staten Island.”

The production will be narrated by Jami Declerk as Chuck, “the dead groundhog who slipped out of mayor Bill de Blasio’s hands on Groundhog Day” back in 2014 (who can ever forget about that?) and featured characters will include an aspiring actress from Manhattan named Ashley, a nosy neighbor who can’t stop thinking and talking about her parking spot, an “oblivious” city planner and, of course, a borough-obsessed ferry crew member.

Will folks from Staten Island actually flock to another borough to be made of on stage? We’ll have to wait until next month to see. Here’s to hoping the area’s most celebrated resident, Pete Davidson, will make an appearance as well. 

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