A pop-up diner managed by "Karens" is opening in NYC this March

We personally find the Karen phenomenon to have run its course but, alas, there seems to still be some fodder behind the trend. Starting March 1, 2023, a new roving pop-up dubbed Karen’s Diner is opening in the West Village. 

Already operating across 14 different cities in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, the diner will be managed by, you guessed it, a bunch of Karens and it will stay put through the very end of next year. 

According to the official website, folks can expect “an absurd, unique environment full of laughs, banter and top-notch American-diner style grub.” Perhaps most importantly, the business warns that the “food is great [and] the service is ungrateful. But your experience will be unforgettable.” You see what they’re going for here.

Food-wise, there are a bunch of burgers on the menu, including The “I Want to See the Manager” Karen (two Wagyu patties, two slices of Swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce, pickles and BBQ-mustard sauce), the vegan Trippy Karen Burger (portobello mushroom, tasty cheese, lettuce, tomato and relished mustard sauce) and, of course, the Basic Karen (Wagyu beef with Swiss cheese, tomato, oak, lettuce, beetroot and garlic mayo).

Karen's Diner
Photograph: Courtesy of Karen’s Diner

There are also two types of hot dogs on offer, a variety of sides (halloumi fries with sweet chili sauce, loaded cheesy beef brisket, mozzarella sticks with sweet chili sauce and beer-battered onion rings, among other options) and a number of desserts, including a waffle bowl and a churro delight.

To help you deal with the sub-par staff, make sure to order some beer and wine as well.

A bit more about the experience: you’ll want to book your visit ahead of time right here (tickets will cost you $35), dietary restrictions are catered to and, although kids are allowed inside, the various Karens suggest you bring the little ones in before 5pm “and keep them under control.” Fair warning: “If one starts screeching, manage the noise or leave.”  Word to the wise: keep the children at home—and perhaps just stay home with them?

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