A vertical drop ride might soon open in the middle of Times Square

Just a few weeks after hearing about the possible development of a casino and a Ferris wheel on top of the United Nations building in midtown Manhattan, we’re pretty stunned by a new real estate-adjacent piece of news regarding a newly proposed mixed-use tower project that will boast a number of vertical drop rides at 740 Eighth Avenue by 46th Street, smack-dab in the middle of Times Square.

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The proposal comes courtesy of Extell Development, who is hoping to erect a power drill-shaped skyscraper featuring, according to The Real Deal, “three primary exterior components: a base that will combine 825 hotel rooms and retail shopping; a smaller, bulky top section that will feature a restaurant and undisclosed VIP space and a thin stem in the middle that will offer a 260-foot indoor freefall tower drop between the two.”

Also a possibility: three floors of observation decks overlooking this magnificent city of ours.

Talk about a revolutionary construction plan.

According to The Real Deal, the project has been ten years in the making—a time frame that has allowed for the almost complete re-design of Times Square as a whole. 

Although still a magnet for the sorts of tourists that have yet to grasp the importance of walking fast while in town, the neighborhood will soon be home to a beautiful new visitor’s center with a viewing deck, a museum focusing on the history of Times Square and a massive indoor-outdoor stage extending over Seventh Avenue that is sure to entirely revamp the city’s entertainment scene.

Whether the thrilling vertical drop ride will become a reality is yet to be seen, but mere talks about the possibility make one thing clear: Times Square is going through a re-birth.

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