After a ‘ruff’ start, dog belonging to formerly homeless FDR Drive couple is finally home

The couple that formerly lived under the FDR Drive had a “ruff” few days last week when their beloved Pitbull, Buddy, was evicted from their new home. But their story came to a happy ending after amNewYork Metro shed light on their trouble.

Alex Lively and April Saccoccio hit a roadblock on July 26 as they began their journey to homelessness recovery after years on the streets. Constructing a makeshift camp beneath the FDR Drive throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and garnering friends in the Lower Manhattan community, the couple finally found temporary housing following a series of articles by amNewYork Metro.

The pair and their two cherished pups were whisked to the Upper West Side where they at last found happiness — at least for a month. 

Despite bearing medical documents deeming the canine to be an emotional support animal, PRAXIS Management — who denied to comment — hounded the couple, demanding the dog’s eviction. This literally tore the relationship in half, with them returning to the street in rotating shifts in order to watch over their precious four-legged friend. 

“Alex has to sleep by the park near StuyTown because Buddy knows that area best. It’s too stressful for Buddy to be left to sleep in an unfamiliar place,” Saccoccio said in light of the eviction.

But not long after amNewYork Metro published a story last week on the couple’s plight, Buddy was been accepted back into the apartment. Reuniting with his family, the dog is happily lazing on the bed, gnawing on rawhide bones, and enjoying being back inside.

According to Saccoccio, one of the conditions of Buddy’s return is that he must remain in their apartment unless leashed when taking him for a walk, something the pair say they are more than happy to accommodate.

Sending their sincere thanks, Saccoccio is overwhelmed by those who have followed their story.

Buddy is finally at home enjoying a rawhide bone. Photo courtesy of April Saccoccio

“My family is back together now! Thanks to amNewYork Metro and the awesome people of NYC. I’m so grateful for all the support and love, it means the world to me!  I’m truly blessed, we are truly blessed to have the amount of support from everyone who has followed our journey this far,” Saccoccio said.