‘Art Talk’ artist spotlight | The heart of Fer

For young and impactful artist Fer Da Silva, art is much more than just an expression of the aesthetic — it has the full capacity to save lives.

With roots in Venezuela and Portugal, Da Silva has made quite a splash in the Big Apple with his quintessential trademark: the heart. With clear influences that range from the wild beasts of fauvism to the passionate intensity of Jackson Pollack, Da Silva sets to mend the world of every broken heart through his bold brush stroke, intoxicating vibrancy of color, and the transformative nature of putting heart to canvas.

As seen in his several collaborations with brands such as Sofitel, Toyota and Neiman Marcus (to name a few), the abstract expression of the beating heart insists on not only bringing beauty to a space but healing as well. The artist’s growing celebrity following is another showcase of the impact of his work. From the likes of fashion model Adriana Lima to mogul Denise Rich, Da Silva has his finger to the pulse of what is hot.

A piece by Fer Da Silva.Provided

With such a meteoric rise of his power of LOVE art, it is amazing that the artist has time to lend that same energy to several charitable organizations. Dedicated to bettering the world, the artist regularly devotes his time to “For Little Mended Hearts,” and most recently, to the Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research, where his hand-crafted sculptures were handed to notable donors and inspiring survivors.

Da Silva’s success has only just begun as he prepares for his solo exhibition at DTR Modern Gallery in Soho on Friday, Feb. 3. “Love is Inside” will serve as a representation of the artist’s journey to self love, acceptance, and expression.

It’s all love for this artist.Fer Da Silva Studio

“I want the viewer to see through my art as if experiencing the very first ‘Corazon de Fer’ painting themselves,” he said. “Painting the heart saved my life and I hope to help others see that love does not need to be searched for outside of ourselves…because Love Is Inside.”

Fer Da Silva
“Love Is Inside:” A solo exhibition
Feb. 3, 2023
DTR Modern Gallery
458 W. Broadway,
2nd Floor
6-8 p.m.

Avalon Ashley Bellos is a fine art and luxury expert and the Gallery Director of DTR Modern Galleries in SoHo.