Attention, everyone: there is a bobcat on the loose on Long Island

It seems like New Yorkers don’t only have shark sightings to worry about: officials are still looking for a bobcat running loose on Long Island.

Cops in Suffolk County got a call yesterday about some sort of wild cat spotted in West Islip, a town near Fire Island, and they have yet to find the feline.

Let’s start with the important information: if you happen to see the animal, call 911 right away. You can also reach out to Strong Island Animal Rescue at 631-403-0598.

As for how to behave in front of the bobcat, Martha Stewart suggests slowly but deliberately backing away from it (we’re not sure why Stewart is even tackling the topic on her site, but we sure trust her tips).

“The more distance between you and the cat, the better,” reads the website. “Bobcats in particular usually do not attack humans; however, if one does attack you, your best chance of survival is to defend yourself and call for emergency medical care as the animal may have rabies.”

According to WNBC, one Diane Huwer first spotted what might even be considered a lynx on Tuesday. “This thing was huge!,” she said to the outlet, specifically noting it was about twice the size of a fox. “It was huge and looked very exotic and you don’t see those animals around here. At first I thought it was a lion. When I ran into the house, he charged across my deck after my feral. I came out and I started yelling, he stopped, looked at me, I ran back in the house and he sat there for a few seconds. He proceeded to the cat food. I guess it wasn’t to his gourmet taste.” 

Everybody, please don’t panic and, most importantly, be very careful.

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