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Rallying So Rent Spike Doesn’t Write Drama Book Shop’s Final Act

BY WINNIE McCROY | After learning that rent hikes are likely to shutter their beloved Drama Book Shop in early 2019, longtime customers are rallying to support the 100-year-old independent store, which stocks thousands of plays, serves as a go-to gathering place for passionate patrons of the arts, and even plays host to a black box […] Nigel

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Poetic Painter

BY DAVID NOH | nce upon a time, on the magical island of Manhattan, there lived three princesses named Stettheimer. Born to a wealthy, elite German Jewish family, their father, a banker, deserted them in childhood, but their mother, Rosetta, had enough money of her own to enable her daughters to create their own special kingdom, […] Nigel

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Celebrating Editta Sherman

BY DAVID NOH | At the New-York Historical Society right now, you can meet the best unknown portrait photographer of the last century, Editta Sherman. Although she died four years ago, her presence is very much alive here in the huge, vintage 8×10 camera with which she plied her trade (the same one the great […] Nigel

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Just Do Art: The Awkward Adolescence Edition

BY SCOTT STIFFLER |  AUTHOR READING: “LORDS OF THE SCHOOLYARD” | Set in 1970s southern suburbia, long before kids would be driven to suicide by cutting remarks hurled into cyberspace, the merciless tormentors in Ed Hamilton’s debut novel get their results the old-fashioned way — through face-to-face intimidation, made all the easier by adults who […] Nigel

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Performance Provocateur and Rooted Married Man

BY WILLIAM J. MANN | “Rooted,” the new performance by internationally acclaimed solo performer Tim Miller, digs deep as it explores New York history, his family trees that grow here, and what happens when we actually manage to achieve one kind of social change — like marriage equality — after a long effort only to […] Nigel

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La Dulcet Musto

BY TRAV S. D. | There may have been more powerful columnists in the history of American journalism than Michael Musto, but none was ever more adored, for he radiates a personality and humor as great as — and often greater than — the celebrities he covers. For nearly 30 years (1984-2013), his Village Voice column […] Nigel

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New Theater Space Expands Birdland’s Vocal Range

BY SCOTT STIFFLER | Ages and ages in the planning stages, venerable Midtown music mecca Birdland Jazz Club is finally sitting in the catbird seat, having announced the completion of a nesting place that promises to up its game by taking audiences down a level — to the lower level, that is, which is where the […] Nigel

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Life In A Cabaret

BY CHRISTOPHER BYRNE | They were the icons of an era — The Tropicana, El Morocco, and The Stork Club — clubs that defined New York’s nightlife in the 1940s through 1960s as the sine qua non of the glamorous life, dripping with stars and churning with gossip, all to the tune of fantastic entertainment. […] Nigel

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Geeking Out on Inclusion

BY CHARLES BATTERSBY | Last weekend, subway riders in New York might have noticed costumed nerds were flooding the city. International Cosplay Day took place in Central Park, Liberty City Anime Con at the New York Marriott Marquis, and, at the Sheraton Times Square, there was Flame Con. Billed as “The World’s Largest Queer Comic Con,” […] Nigel

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