Behind the screams: A look behind The Village Halloween Parade

NYC’s biggest, zaniest party in the street is just four days away and the excitement is growing. New Yorkers are putting together their costumes and making the finishing touches on their larger-than-life puppets for the Village Halloween Parade.

If you’ve ever been before, you know that the event is a brilliant mess of creativity with a dash of passion and a sprinkle of whimsy. Massive puppets of all shapes and sizes tilt and twist over the cheering crowd. “Undead” New Yorkers from vampires to zombies and famous and infamous lookalikes growl, wave and march down Sixth Avenue. 

It’s perhaps the most joyful Halloween celebration of them all thanks to the passion, spirit and creativity of its participants. 

Ahead of the big day, we chatted with four New York artists who are bringing their own brand of whimsy to NYC this year, from puppet veterans to prop masters.

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