Bumper cars on ice are back at Bryant Park

A returning winter activity gives families an alternative to ice skating in Midtown.

Besides the traditional ice-skating rink in Bryant Park sits another frozen patch reserved for wheels instead of skates. Bumper cars on ice allow families to skid and collide into one another in a ten-minute session of laughter and mayhem.

Taking place in the scenic shadow of the Empire State Building, the thrill ride lets children and adults alike tear up the ice in a fun and safe environment.

First debuting in 2018, bumper cars on ice have now returned to Bryant Park as a part of its winter village between 40th and 42nd Streets on Sixth Avenue. Allowing riders from the ages of 7-years-old and up to pilot a car with a built-in joystick.

The bumper cars prove to be the prime selfie spot. Photo by Dean Moses
Bumper cars on ice is a fun treat for all ages. Photo by Dean Moses

“It was a great experience for the kids and what a fun activity to be able to do as a family,” Todd Jacobson said, who brought his seven-year-old son Ari with him to Bryant Park.

Laughing and spinning in circles together, the Jacobson family were completely enthralled by their first-time trying bumper cars on ice. Todd Jacobson and his son both shouted, “That was so much fun,” as they exited the rink.

“My son has been waiting two weeks for this. He couldn’t wait,” Todd Jacobson said.

“I loved it and I liked spinning the best,” Ari Jacobson added. 

The bouncing attraction costs $25 per person and a waiver must be signed in order to ride. The bumper cars will be available until Feb. 27.

The bumping takes place in the shadow of the Empire State Building. Photo by Dean Moses

Beatrice Carre-Alleyne learned about the new winter attraction at Bryant Park through Instagram and felt that since her eight-year-old daughter, Nathalia, was going to be in the area with her girl scout troop it would be a great opportunity to try out the bumper cars on ice.

“It’s wonderful! It’s absolutely the best way to spend the day, and definitely a lot safer than ice skating,” Carre-Alleyne said, cheering her daughter as she spun her bumper car in circles.

Families record the fun. Photo by Dean Moses