Top Book Publishers in NYC

Publishers are crucial to the publication process since they read various books sent in and decide which ones to publish for readers to purchase. Plenty of top publishing houses operate out of New York City (NYC), including independent publishers such as Manhattan Book Group and Bellevue Literary Press. Each publishing house has its own publication … Read more

For Better or Worse, Through Snow, Rain, Heat, or Gloom of Night

BY LENORE SKENAZY | Years ago, when Marcia Zug read a GQ magazine article about mail-order brides, she was revolted. A high-flying New York City photographer, fed up with all the demanding models he was dating, wanted to find a subservient woman to make him happy, the magazine reported. So he ordered a pretty bride from … Read more

Genetic Crystal Ball-Gazing

BY LENORE SKENAZY | Congratulations, you’re going to have a baby! Would you like to know if, 50 years or so down the line, he or she might develop colon cancer? And by the way, the baby may also have a slightly increased risk of Alzheimer’s. Would you like to know about that, too? Oh, … Read more

Single Mom Success Story, and Then Some

BY LENORE SKENAZY | When Emma Johnson was growing up, she was certain of one thing: She would never be a single mom. After all, she’d been raised by one. And while she appreciates her mom’s hard work and how it paid off, the bottom line is, they were broke. Emma didn’t ever want to … Read more

Just Do Art: The Awkward Adolescence Edition

BY SCOTT STIFFLER |  AUTHOR READING: “LORDS OF THE SCHOOLYARD” | Set in 1970s southern suburbia, long before kids would be driven to suicide by cutting remarks hurled into cyberspace, the merciless tormentors in Ed Hamilton’s debut novel get their results the old-fashioned way — through face-to-face intimidation, made all the easier by adults who … Read more

Andrew Evans, The Digital Nomad

BY MICHAEL LUONGO | Andrew Evans is an author, travel writer, and TV host, working in a variety of media. One of his nicknames is the Digital Nomad, especially for his work for National Geographic, reporting live from all seven continents and more than 100 countries. He has broadcast from kayak, camelback, and helicopter, from atop … Read more

Shakespeare & Co. Coming Home to UWS

BY DUSICA SUE MALESEVIC | Dane Neller, CEO of Shakespeare & Co., calls it the trifecta: buy, commune, and create. When the bookseller returns to the Upper West Side late this fall, Neller said, the new store will be a place to buy books, of course, include a café where people can commune, and feature an … Read more

Rallying So Rent Spike Doesn’t Write Drama Book Shop’s Final Act

BY WINNIE McCROY | After learning that rent hikes are likely to shutter their beloved Drama Book Shop in early 2019, longtime customers are rallying to support the 100-year-old independent store, which stocks thousands of plays, serves as a go-to gathering place for passionate patrons of the arts, and even plays host to a black box … Read more