Conspiracy Theories, Paranoia, and Some Inconvenient Truths

BY SYDNEY PEREIRA | When German artist Hans Haacke documented real estate moguls Sol Goldman and Alex DiLorenzo’s Manhattan properties in 1971, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum’s director objected, calling the piece an “alien substance.” A Guggenheim curator was soon fired for supporting Haacke’s works — which presented column after column, neatly arrayed, of public records … Read more

Just Do Art

BY SCOTT STIFFLER | Keenly aware of history, and ever-mindful of the need to address contemporary acts of hate and anti-Semitism, New York Hebrew, a Chelsea-based after-school Jewish education destination, is marking 80 years since Kristallnacht with  Eva Schloss — a Holocaust survivor, and Anne Frank’s stepsister. Schloss will recall her childhood friendship with Frank, tell … Read more

The Deal of the Art

BY STEVE ERICKSON | Director Nathaniel Kahn’s documentary “The Price of Everything” focuses tightly on the art world, but in depicting a world where everything is commodified and painters who aren’t hardcore careerists watch others make money from their work without benefiting themselves, it says a great deal about the state of American culture in 2018. … Read more

Getting Old is for Great Stars: Elaine May Amazes in ‘Waverly Gallery’

BY ELIZABETH ZIMMER | It’s been 57 years since Elaine May and her comedy partner, Mike Nichols, catapulted to stardom from the stage of Broadway’s John Golden Theatre. Since then, she’s become a showbiz legend: writing, directing, and starring in movies like “A New Leaf,” “The Heartbreak Kid,” “Ishtar,” and “The Birdcage,” while punching up the … Read more


BY STEVE ERICKSON | The official credits of the Freddie Mercury biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody” are deceptive. Due to Director’s Guild of America regulations that only one director can be credited, Bryan Singer receives that billing. However, he stopped showing up to its set three months into its shoot, was fired by 20th Century Fox, and replaced … Read more

Don’t Let This Museum’s Illusions Elude You

BY TRAV S.D. | If you have been wondering about those long lines outside the old Bank Building on the southwest corner of 14th St. and Eighth Ave., we have solved the mystery. As of Sept. 20, the historic structure (built 1907) has been home to an interactive permanent exhibition called the Museum of Illusions. If … Read more

Rallying So Rent Spike Doesn’t Write Drama Book Shop’s Final Act

BY WINNIE McCROY | After learning that rent hikes are likely to shutter their beloved Drama Book Shop in early 2019, longtime customers are rallying to support the 100-year-old independent store, which stocks thousands of plays, serves as a go-to gathering place for passionate patrons of the arts, and even plays host to a black box … Read more