Please, No Free Range Sex Offenders

December 6, 2015  To the Editor: I agree with many of Lenore Skenazy’s ideas on “free range children.” However, I do disagree with much of her article entitled “Are We All Sex Offenders?” (Dec. 3-16). I worked for over 30 years, in my home state of Wisconsin, in the prevention of all types of child … Read more

No Mission Accomplished Yet on UWS Schools

Before the handshakes and fist-bumping, let us not forget that the need to build new schools to serve the Lincoln Square neighborhood is being addressed almost two decades too late. With the proliferation of construction of new buildings along West End and Amsterdam Avenues and Riverside Boulevard and the overcrowding of local public schools, planning … Read more

Can’t Board a One-Dollar Bus With Only 35 Cents

  To the Editor: “With Bus Terminal Fuss Unabated, Port Authority Allocates Billions” (by Jackson Chen, Jan. 12-25) confirms to me that the proposed Port Authority of New York & New Jersey 10-year, $32 billion Capital Plan is disappointing. Only $3.5 billion is provided toward construction of the new $10 billion 42nd Street PA Bus Terminal. … Read more