Celebrate peaches at Time Out Market New York this month

While a lot of national-this-or-thats can seem a little far-fetched (there’s even a corporation-created National Fetch Day in October), a 1982 presidential proclamation declared July of that year “National Peach Month, “call[ing] upon the people of the United States to incorporate this nutritious fruit into their diets, and call[ing] upon interested groups to celebrate this month with appropriate programs and activities.” 

Over the intervening four decades, some less formal channels across the internet have extended celebrations of the stone fruit into August. And, with less than half of summer remaining, any opportunity to hold on to the best of the fleeting season seems worth a fête. Whether you’ve already picked a pack or you’ve only just now dared to eat a peach, sink your teeth into this trio of treats at Time Out Market New York right now. 

Time Out Market New York
Photograph: Courtesy of Dede Lahman

Clinton St. Baking Company’s Peach Melba Waffle

The famed and fave’d Lower East Side spot’s market outpost crowns a buttermilk waffle with local peaches, raspberries, vanilla bean whipped cream, candied almonds and raspberry sauce for $16. 

Time Out Market New York
Photograph: Courtesy of Evi Abeler

Sugar Hill Creamery’s Nunu’s Peach Cobbler 

Sensational Sugar Hill, which has two popular Harlem shops in addition to this Water Street-facing market locale, combines peach purée, cinnamon and a signature crisp for a frosty take on the cobbler for $5.25-$9. 

Time Out Market New York
Photograph: Courtesy of Time Out Market New York

Time Out Market New York’s Ain’t That a Peach Cocktail

The food hall’s own bar updates its seasonal sips with the days on the calendar, and this summer’s list includes the Ain’t That a Peach, which mixes Four Roses bourbon, peach nectar, Combier Pêche and lemon juice for $14.

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