Council Speaker Adrienne Adams officially endorses Carlina Rivera for NY District 10

New York City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams endorsed candidate for NY District 10, Carlina Rivera during an event held outside of a Manhattan Planned Parenthood location.

This most recent endorsement comes after both Brooklyn and Manhattan Borough Presidents also endorsed Rivera as well as after the United States Supreme Court overturned the historic Roe v. Wade ruling on June 24. 

“It is an honor to have the support of Speaker Adams in this race, who joins so many of my colleagues in our women-majority City Council,” said Rivera during the Aug 17 press conference. “When the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade, Speaker Adams led New York’s response and secured the passage of critical legislation fighting back against the Republicans’ anti-abortion agenda. Speaker Adams has demonstrated what women can accomplish when we lead, passing the NYC Abortion Rights Act as well as overdue laws addressing maternal health, mortality, and morbidity for the first time in New York’s history.”

Speaker Adams gave her endorsement less than a week before the Aug 23 primary, lending even more support to Rivera and her progressive platform, and expressed her trust in Rivera’s commitment to reproductive health.

“Carlina Rivera is a proven champion for abortion access and reproductive healthcare, and that’s the leadership we need in Congress right now.” said Speaker Adrienne Adams. “Carlina’s sponsorship of the NYC Abortion Rights Act in the first women-majority Council in our city’s history secured the rights of New Yorkers and made our city a safe haven for abortion and reproductive care. With millions of people around the country facing persecution and prosecution over access to reproductive healthcare, Congress needs someone like Carlina Rivera who is 100% pro-choice 100% of the time and delivers results. I know she will continue to fight for the rights of women and bodily autonomy, surely bringing her leadership to impact the halls of power in Congress.”

Rivera expressed her gratitude for Speaker Adams’ support, emphasizing how crucial it was for public servants to join forces and collaborate in the face of a reproductive healthcare crisis following the Supreme Court’s ruling.

“I am grateful for Speaker Adams’s support, and I know that together we can protect our rights, secure the reproductive healthcare resources we need, and push Congress to take urgently needed steps on abortion access,” said Rivera. 

Rivera also took the opportunity at the press conference to tell voters that she was one of the most steadfast supporters of abortion and abortion access, comparing her platform to fellow candidate Daniel S. Goldman and whether or not he would vote to protect abortion.

“To be unclear on this issue at a time when it is most urgent, at a time where we need people who are unwavering and unapologetic, I cannot trust his position on being very clear and straightforward on abortion access,” said Rivera. “I cannot trust how he will vote based on some of his investments, I don’t know who he is serving. I know that we are serving the people of New York City and the millions of people who have been stripped of their fundamental right to bodily autonomy and abortion access has to be the top priority. His gap in knowledge is stark, he does not know the issues that our families are confronting right now on the street, he does not understand the affordability crisis and certainly with someone who has changed their opinion on abortion three times in six weeks, he is certainly not the one to be leading a pro-choice, pro-LGBTQ agenda here in New York City or anywhere in the country for that matter.”