Couple’s shocking discovery inside new home’s wall: ‘Couldn’t help but laugh’

If only these walls could talk.

A Georgia couple’s move took a turn for the sleazy when they discovered a massive cache of cigarette packs and Viagra in the wall of their new home.

”We definitely were shocked and disgusted,” Kristen Smith, 51, told Jam Press of the “Hoarders”-esque degenerate discovery, which occurred while she and her husband Tim, 48, were inspecting their new house in Arkansas shortly after moving in last month.

The couple had driven 700 miles down from Georgia and couldn’t wait to see the new digs, as well as do some DIY renovations

Things went south, though, after Kristen’s husband cut a small hole in the wall to install an electrical socket and — as one might see in a haunted house flick — they noticed something unusual stuck inside the walls.

The Smiths gave it a closer look and ended up pulling out a motherload of empty boxes that once contained cigarettes and Viagra.

“We had no idea we would find anything in the wall, especially the amount that we kept pulling out,” Kristen said about the tawdry treasure trove. “We didn’t count the number of boxes, but as you can see it filled up one whole trash bag.”

The cigarette box cache in the wall.
Tim Smith had discovered the stash while carving out a hole for an electrical outlet.
Jam Press

Just some of the cigarette boxes found in the walls of the Smith home.
”We had no clue if anything else would be in there and as of now we are wondering what might be in some of the other walls,” said Kristen.
Jam Press

A trash bag filled with some of the cigarettes and Viagra.
”We didn’t count the number of boxes but as you can see it filled up one whole trash bag,” said Kristen, 51.
Jam Press

Accompanying photos show the cancer stick packets stuffed in the walls like a veritable Fort Knox of nicotine.

Kristen was initially revulsed over the realization that their new home had been treated like a landfill.

However, the new homeowner said that they eventually “couldn’t help but laugh at the situation — especially when we found the empty box of male enhancement pills.”

The mountain of cigarette boxes.
”We definitely were shocked and disgusted,” said Kristen.
Jam Press

While it’s unclear how their house came to be so sadly stuffed, Mr. and Mrs. Smith deduced that some hoarder “decided to empty their cigarette habit into the walls.”

The sleuths suspected the sleaze wall was erected around 10 to 15 years ago, given the dates on the boxes of smokes.

“The cigarette packs we learned aren’t from the 1950s [when the home was built], which is why we know this wall was built onto the house,” Kristen said.

And their trashy discovery was only the tip of the iceberg apparently.

”It was one small area of framework, so no telling what else might be between other framing of this interior wall,” Kristen said to Jam Press.

Social media users had a field day sharing their thoughts on the carcinogenic brand of drywall insulation.

“Start slapping nicotine patches on the walls,” joked one Facebook wit, while someone quipped, “Have you checked to make sure there’s not a stranger living in your attic.”

“Probably wouldn’t need the male enhancement pills if they didn’t smoke so much,” suggested another commenter.

One person simply added: “The stories that room could tell.”

However, a third suspected that Tim was guilty of the randy renovation.

“Were you there when this happened?” wondered one. “Because it sounds like your husband couldn’t find anywhere to hide his stash so came up with this excuse.”

Some of the discarded cigarette boxes that were retrieved from within the wall.
“The cigarette packs we learned aren’t from the 1950s, which is why we know this wall was built onto the house,” said Kristen.
Jam Press

This isn’t the first time someone has found something unusual stored inside their home.

Last month, a California exterminator opened up a couple’s walls to find 700 pounds of acorns that had been stashed there by woodpeckers — acorn-ucopia, if you will.

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