Dough Doughnuts is now making cookies!

Dough doughnuts has been making its popular, oversized doughnuts in a plethora of varieties since 2010 in Brooklyn and beyond. Many of those flavors are permanent like chocolate, hibiscus, passionfruit and the bestselling plain glazed, some are seasonal specials like white chocolate peppermint, s’mores and pumpkin and some are exclusive to certain locations, like Dough’s Brooklyn Blackout variety at Time Out Market New York

Now, the confectionary ringmakers have expanded their circular treats with cookies. These, too, are only available at the market’s Dumbo location. Dough began the rollout last week at the opening. 

The cookies came to fruition as Dough began tinkering with protein products, and the availability at Time Out Market is a test for its other locations. They’ll be on the market menu indefinitely. So far, Dough is baking chocolate chip with walnuts and pecans, double chocolate, oatmeal raisin and oatmeal cranberry with plans to add a chocolate peanut butter recipe soon. Cookies are $4.50 each, and it’s wise to try them earlier in the day in case of sell-out. 

Dough’s market location is on the first floor of 55 Water Street in Brooklyn.

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