Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership rebrands as Flatiron NoMad Partnership after recent expansion

The Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership is officially rebranding following a recent expansion that doubled the BID’s footprint.

Now known as the Flatiron NoMad Partnership, the BID expanded in January 2022 to include the entire NoMad neighborhood, and moved its northern border up to—and in some places beyond—31st Street to encompass all of NoMad. The BID’s southern border was extended one block south to 20th Street. Previously, the BID had covered Flatiron and the southern part of NoMad.

The BID’s expansion was approved by the New York City Council in 2021, and the Partnership rolled out its supplemental sanitation and safety services, homeless outreach, public space management and beautification, marketing, and business support to its new blocks in January 2022.

“Through our fresh new brand, we’re signaling to the city and the world that this district is an epicenter of possibilities,” said James Mettham, President of the Flatiron NoMad Partnership. “With the district’s expansion finalized and the continued challenges presented by the pandemic, our stakeholders and audiences need our focus and resources now more than ever. Our new name reinforces a cohesive neighborhood identity as we continue to serve the businesses, people, and places that help make Flatiron and NoMad two of Manhattan’s most iconic and authentic destinations.”

The Partnership worked with design firms LaPlaca Cohen and Pentagram for over 14 months to reimagine the look and feel of the organization and reintroduce itself as the Flatiron NoMad Partnership. The result was a new logo and color palette, and the initial brand rollout includes images of the Flatiron Building, as well as NoMad’s iconic mural, The Gilded Lady, by renowned artist Tristan Eaton.

Courtesy of Flatiron NoMad Partnership

The Partnership also recently unveiled a new website, developed by Kudos Design Collaboratory. The website, FlatironNoMad.nyc, went live on May 31 and will act as a go-to resource for Flatiron and NoMad. Site visitors can find news about businesses, people, and places in the district; an interactive district guide; a redesigned Business Support Portal that allows business owners and managers to submit deals and events to be showcased on the site; data and reports, including quarterly economic and real estate snapshots; information on how to book the Flatiron Public Plaza for events and activations; and other sought after neighborhood info.

“The BID’s newly enlarged territory has given our district even more to offer as a premier destination for exploration, new experiences, and new possibilities. And now we have a brand that captures the quintessential New York City energy of our diverse and dynamic neighborhoods,” said Michael T. Cohen, President of the Tri-State Region at Colliers International and Chairman of the Board of the Flatiron NoMad Partnership.

With the expansion, 1,500 businesses were added to the BID, bringing the total number of businesses up to over 6,000. The newly added areas within the BID also include 20 existing or under-construction hotels; several retail and dining businesses; cultural destinations and historic sites, a growing residential community; and the dynamic Sixth Avenue mixed-use corridor. The Partnership reinstalled the NoMad Piazza Pop Up pedestrian plaza on the Broadway roadbed between 25th and 27th Streets in April 2022, and since May 2020 the Partnership has managed the City’s Open Streets program in Flatiron and NoMad, opening the roadbed on stretches of Broadway, 20th Street, 22nd Street, and 28th Street to pedestrians and cyclists.

For more information, visit FlatironNoMad.nyc.