Fun ways to stay cool during NYC’s heat wave this week

We’re in the dog days of summer, but this week, in particular, is going to be brutal.

The temperature will be in the low- to mid- 90s this week, spurring on a heat advisory for the metro area into Wednesday and Thursday, when heat index values will be around 100 degrees.

Of course, always head to one of NYC’s cooling centers if you need to escape the heat. You can access an interactive map right here to find the one nearest to you. Call 911 if you or someone is experiencing heavy sweating, muscle cramps, light headedness, feeling faint, headache, decreased energy, loss of appetite and/or nausea.

If your apartment has good air conditioning, it’s easy to stay inside to avoid the sun but NYC has a lot of fun ways to keep cool so that you don’t need to become a hermit when the mercury rises. And if your apartment traps heat, fear not: There are great places to escape to across the boroughs.

Below, we’ve recommended 28 fun ways to cool off in NYC during this wicked heatwave. And remember: Stay cool and stay inside whenever possible!

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