Hex your ex and conjure a love spell with the witch-in-residence at this NoMad hotel

Hotels these days offer all kinds of quirky amenities, like in-room beer taps, customized aromatherapy, and record players with vinyl, but this new offering from The James New York – NoMad turns the typical cultural experience to an occultural one.

The hotel will host its own witch-in-residence for the month of October offering astrology, “real ass hexing,” love conjuring, tarot, and more. Guests can book experiences with Shawn Engel, the in-house, on-demand witch-in-residence, through the hotel’s digital concierge. 

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The exterior of The James NoMad Hotel, a red brick building
Photograph: Courtesy of The James NoMad

Serving as the witch-in-residence, Engel is a nationally acclaimed spiritual mentor, professional witch, published author and owner of Witchy Wisdoms, a spiritual brand dedicated to the journey of the new witch.

Engel will join guests at the hotel for a look into their past and future with offerings such as:

  • Abundant AF Astrology: Engel calculates the guest’s natal birth chart to offer guidance on how to utilize their chart to manifest.
  • Hex Your Ex: This masterclass focuses on inner child healing, protection magick, and real ass hexing; it’s available online only to be enjoyed at leisure during a hotel stay.
  • Love Conjuring Spellwork: Engel reads tarot cards, then uses the information she receives from her guides to help design each guest’s very own love spell.
  • Spirits and Shadow Work: Through tarot, numerology, a pendulum, and astrology, Engel will pinpoint what needs changing in order to thrive with a unique and personalized approach.

Here’s pricing for bookings with Shawn Engel at The James NoMad.

The James NoMad promises a bustling lobby that comes alive with evening happy hour and live music, along with dining at Italian restaurant Scarpetta and The Seville, a speakeasy-style cocktail lounge. It’s located at the corner of 29th and Madison, so grab your broomstick and fly there this fall.

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