Saturday, May 8

Himalaya Restaurant: A Texas twist on Indian classics!

HOUSTON, Texas — From masala-spiced fried rooster to curried crawfish étouffée, the menu at Himalaya Restaurant in Houston’s Gandhi District is like nothing you have ever tasted!
James Beard-nominated chef Kaiser Lashkari serves up a few of the most original Indian and Pakistani dishes in Houston.

Though Himalaya is legendary for genuine delicacies, like spicy biryani or garlic naan, one other huge draw is the mouthwatering fusion fare.
Chef Kaiser blends the spices of India with Texas-inspired recipes that prospects cannot get sufficient of, just like the mac and cheese rooster tikka masala, curried rooster and dumplings, or the parathadilla, a spin on a standard quesadilla.

One of many greatest favorites is Chef Kaiser’s signature fried rooster, soaked in spices like garam masala and ginger.

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