Hochul gets Omicron booster shot, says New Yorkers should too

Governor Kathy Hochul received a new COVID-19 booster shot Wednesday while giving an update on infection status.

The Governor took the jab inside Harlem’s Boriken Neighborhood Health Center located at 2265 3rd Avenue. This new booster is specifically designed to combat the Omicron variant, which Hochul declared officially available to the public.

“The good news is we have a booster that has been approved by the FDA and the CDC and that gives us a new tool to fight the virus,” Governor Hochul said. “So, for the first time ever now. We have boosters that are approved for their target specific variants. We haven’t had that before.”

Governor Kathy Hochul with State Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett. Photo by Dean Moses
Governor Kathy Hochul. Photo by Dean Moses

Before receiving her jab, the Governor spoke on the current COVID-19 cases stating that the average of cases is now at 3400 with about 2200 hospitalizations. She is hopeful that this new booster that tackles Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 variants will be able to flatten the curve even further. The shot is now available to the general public and, in hopes of leading by example, Hochul encourages New Yorkers to get boosted by getting a booster herself.

“As we continue to contend with the effects of this pandemic on all our lives, we need to ensure we’re using every tool available to us,” Governor Hochul said. “Throughout the pandemic, New Yorkers have been smart, looked out for one another, and taken steps to protect themselves and their neighbors. Getting vaccinated and boosted remains our best shot at protecting ourselves and fellow New Yorkers, and I encourage everyone eligible to sign up and get the updated bivalent COVID-19 booster.”

Governor Kathy Hochul received a new COVID-19 booster shot Wednesday. Photo by Dean Moses
 BIvalent. Photo by Dean Moses

The booster the Governor received is produced by Moderna and is named BIvalent and was administered by nurse Esnydelle Etienne. State Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett–who also received her booster shot–believes this new vaccine will do even more to keep people from getting infected and keep those who are infected out of the hospital.

“The novel coronavirus has changed over time, with many new variants, including Omicron. These bivalent boosters for the first time are tailored to a circulating variant. I encourage all eligible New Yorkers to take advantage of this advance and contact their health provider, visit the local pharmacy, or call their county health department to get this booster as soon as possible,” Bassett said.