I built an elaborate house for the frog living in my fence

This definitely isn’t an “unhoppy” frog!

A viral video that has amassed more than 24 million views on TikTok shows a man’s step-by-step process of building a 3D house for a frog.

Yes, a frog.

What started out as a simple project by a man named Dazza — when he noticed a frog living in his fence — turned into a lengthy process with multiple revisions. Thousands upon thousands chimed in with ideas for how to build the slimy creature an ideal home.

Dazza initially designed a simple 3D model of a plain tiny house.

But by the end of his project, the 3D home came complete with a patio, an infinity pool and a space for the frog to relax its frog arms. It also included an emergency cave in case predators tried to invade.

“I noticed there was a frog living in our fence, so I made him a house. He hated it,” Dazza says at the beginning of the video. “One week later, TikTok was like: ‘he needs easier access — a patio filled with water…’ so we started at V2, busted out these walls, added a patio, increased Ribbit amplification, and introduced additional comfort. Also the people named him Frodrick. So we printed it, ripped off this garbage, and installed V2.”

Dazza thought he was done until many others commented how Frodrick — or Frod for short — needed a pool to splash in and cool off.

“So we made a pool with plants and this infinity-edge waterfall and Frodrick liked it. He even had a friend over.”

And just when Dazza thought he had created the perfect little home for his slimy little friend, a possum appeared.

“Without knowing the possum’s intentions, we built Frodrick an emergency cave. Then Frod had a pool party. All the frogs were there.”

Dazza expanded on the initial design so the frog could have a patio, insect attractor, infinity pool, and space for his arms to relax.
Dazza expanded on the initial design so the frog could have a patio, an insect attractor, an infinity pool and space for his arms to relax.

Feedback from followers.
Feedback from followers.

But the possum still appeared. And despite the emergency cave, it didn’t seem like Frodrick had intentions of hiding out. Turns out, the possum was just their furry friend all along — and came over for a little sip of water. Dazza ended up naming the possum King Julian.

It didn’t end there.

Many commented that Frodrick also needed a source for food. So Dazza decided to make a bug light to attract insects.

“After lots of designs, we ended up with this spaceship, and also added this pond.”

The possum turned out to be a friend.
The possum turned out to be a friend.

The final product.
The final product.

Frodrick and his friends were living it up. And soon, tadpoles were born. Dazza then added a tadpole ramp, and pretty soon lots of baby frogs filled the home. So Dazza did what any person would do — and created more frog houses!

But sorry, King Julian — no house will be built for you or your family.

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