It’s official: NYC is the worst city for drivers

A new study by Circuit makes one of our chief complaints about New York City official: we live in the worst town for driving.

Circuit figured out which cities in the country are the worst for delivery and courier drivers.

Specifically, the outlet analyzed criteria like congestion levels, traffic jam lengths, driving speeds, number of traffic jams, hours lost during congestion and distracted driving fatalities, based on data from the TomTom Traffic Index Ranking, the INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard and the NHTSA Fatality and Injury Reporting System.

With a total score of 78.75, New York City topped the ranking, followed by Chicago (score: 71.56), Miami (score: 57.32), Austin (score: 55.59) and Los Angeles (score: 53.23). 

Picture us not surprised. How often do you find yourself sitting in an Uber in gridlock traffic trying to reach your destination which, more often than not, is only 20 or so blocks away? Driving across town is a nightmare all of its own. Sometimes, we wonder whether it’s faster to travel from the Upper East Side to Long Island than it is to navigate the city’s streets from NoMad to the West Village, for example. 

Not only did we top the list for the worst city for drivers, but New York City is also officially the most congested town in the country. “On average, it can take 35% longer to get somewhere during periods of high traffic congestion in New York,” reads the survey. “For example, a trip that normally takes 30 minutes could take 10-11 minutes longer during rush hours.” 

Alas, if we’re being completely honest, none of these metrics deter our desire to live here forever. We’ll just take the subway everywhere. 

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