Kanye West tattoo removal is the hot new Google search

They’re done-da.

After Kanye West’s recent anti-Semitic tirades, some die-hard fans who went to the lengths of inking the likeness of the Chicago-born rap-reneur on their persons are now left with serious tattooers’ remorse.

“When I actually saw that he was making these comments about Jewish people, it was just gut-wrenching — this guy was supposed to be like one of my heroes, someone that I aspire to be like in making music and recording music,” Ashley Smith, 20, a musician from Cardiff, Wales, told The Post.

After watching Kanye go down in flames — the artist has been booted from major business deals and collaborations with brands like Adidas and Vogue — cringed-out fans are looking to scrub the all-too-visible connections to their onetime idol.

Smith got phrase “Which / One,” from artwork for his 2016 album “The Life of Pablo,” tatted on his wrist in June. At the time, West was an inspiration to the young guitarist. Smith first joked on TikTok about needing “f–king laser removal,” but ultimately decided to have it blacked out with a plain bar of ink.

Cringed-out Kanye fans are eager to scrub their visible connections to the controversial artist after his latest anti-semitic tirades.
Cringed-out Kanye fans are eager to scrub their visible connections to the controversial artist after his anti-Semitic tirades.

“Earlier on today, I actually booked a tattoo consultation about covering it up,” he said. “I couldn’t care less about the design, I just want it off my body.”

Smith is far from the only one with regrets about their not-so “gorgeous” tattoos anymore.

Many are now regretting the Kanye West related tattoos they've gotten.
Many are now regretting the West-related tattoos they’ve gotten.
Those with Kanye West related tattoos are living a nightmare now.
They’re experiencing “Heartbreak” now.

“You know, I gotta say, really starting to regret this tattoo [from] when I was 18,” posted TikToker @jerry182269, showing off his colorful Kanye “808s & Heartbreak”-inspired bicep art.

“That aged so poorly. I do not affiliate with his current mindset or anything he is saying. He is outwardly racist and a disgusting man. He is anti-Semitic,” said another TikToker user, @virgobarbie666, who quickly addressed having multiple tattoos of West.

Like Smith, she also had been inspired by “old Kanye,” but said that the artist has “lost a true fan” because of his recent behavior.

“He’s letting down so many people. So many people that looked up to him. He’s letting down everyone that ever truly supported him back in the day,” she added.

“It’s absolutely disgusting and appalling and I’m so embarrassed to have these tattoos now.”

The embattled Ye, meanwhile, claimed on Thursday that he was going on a 30-day “verbal fast,” alongside abstaining from porn and sex. He continues, however, to stir up controversy on Twitter, where he recently regained access to his account after being suspended.

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