Landlord sues Hype House for trashing mansion, unpaid rent

This situation is not very Instagrammable. 

The owner of a luxe Los Angeles compound is taking a crew of influencers to court over the sorry state in which they allegedly left his mansion. 

Multi million-follower strong social media group the Hype House is being sued by their former landlord, Daniel Fitzgerald, for breach of contract and allegedly leaving his estate much less nice than they found it, according to TMZ

The outlet first reported that Hype House creators Thomas Petrou, Cole Hudson, Mia Hayward, Calvin Goldby, Patrick Huston, and Nicholas Austin are all named as defendants in the lawsuit. 

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Fitzgerald alleges that the young clout-chasers agreed to a one-year lease in May 2020, but moved out five full months early. And in the seven months they did live at the palatial abode, they allegedly caused more than $300,000 in property damage, the suit claims. 

hype house lawsuit los angeles mansion
Members of the TikTok-famous group Hype House.
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hype house lawsuit los angeles mansion
An aerial view of the palatial estate the TikTokers allegedly damaged.
Google Earth
hype house lawsuit los angeles mansion
The social media stars allegedly breached their contract with a landlord quite egregiously.
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The property — the same one which “American Idol” finalists once called home — is quite the crib: A 10-bedroom, 16-bathroom with six attached garage spaces spread across 16,000 square feet. The all-glass compound features a movie theater, an “80-foot-long nightclub with full bar,” a recording studio, a gym, a pool table, three sports bars, a “high speed elevator” and a floating glass staircase, according to a listing. 

As a way of settling, the Hype House members agreed, in writing, to pay Fitzgerald back in $10,000 monthly installments over the course of 40 months, the angered homeowner alleged. But the influencers have also breached that contract: The group has allegedly been paying him less than half of their agreed on sum — $2,500 — on a monthly basis since last January, despite Fitzgerald sending them a notice to pay their balance. 

The dismayed landlord is now seeking through his suit that the full remaining balance be paid immediately, TMZ reported.

The Hype House did not immediately return The Post’s request for comment.

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