Legendary downtown dive bar Milady's is being revived by a cocktail icon

New York is ever changing and that’s why we love it, but it’s truly sad when a beloved neighborhood spot shutters. Milady’s, a Soho dive bar once known for slinging greasy burgers and canned beers, has been dark since January 2014, ending a prolific run that dated back to the 1940s. 

Now, the legendary bar at the corner of Prince St. and Thompson St. is returning in September, thanks to a team of New York cocktail pros. 

Under new ownership by cocktail legend Julie Reiner, and her team of Susan Fedroff and Christine Williams known for opening Brooklyn destinations Clover Club and Leyenda, Milady’s will center around an innovative cocktail program. Elevated American-inspired fare by co-partner and Executive Chef Sam Sherman (also formerly of Clover Club) will be served. Beverage Director Natasha Mesa, previously of Deadshot and Raven & Rose in Portland, will create the cocktails with Reiner, riffing on a menu of modernized classics and new creations.

“I wasn’t looking to open another bar, but this opportunity kind of fell in my lap,” Reiner told the New York Times. “I thought, how do we not reopen Milady’s? We are the Miladies!”

Though official menus aren’t out yet, Reiner hinted at fancy Jell-O shots, mini martinis and daiquiris (to be nicknamed snaquiris), highballs from a special machine and more. The menu is expected to offer more modest dishes like chicken fingers, plus oysters and lobster tails. This is Soho in 2022, after all.

Rumor has it Milady’s beloved pool table won’t be returning to the space, but a pool-themed art installation will pay homage to the 8-balls of decades past. No word on the return of the jukebox, but we’re hoping for some TouchTunes.

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