Little Market NYC shines light on New York City’s women-owned businesses

Little Market NYC is New York City’s very own, woman-owned and led market. With shops in SoHo and NoHo, both NYC locals and tourists will find beauty in the shop’s products. 

Owned by 29-year-old jewelry maker Kimberly Feng, Little Market NYC features brands that are only owned by women. As a woman of both Chinese and Venezuelan, Feng’s dream was to create a space where women of diverse backgrounds could lift each other up.

“Little Market NYC provides retail space and marketing resources for each vendor to take their ideas to the next level. Our roster of woman-owned brands spans all business areas, from sustainability to fashion, and we’re innovating and challenging the status quo every day.” Feng said. “Our company allows female creatives to network, collaborate, and incubate their brands in New York City’s prime locations, with two existing markets up and running.”

Feng was able to gain her perspective on business by showing off her own minimalist brand, KIKICHIC, in various locations. After years of gathering experience and fueling her desire for more, Little Market was born in 2021.

“I’m a vendor. I’ve been there. I’m still a vendor but now I understand everything [vendors] need. I think that’s the reason we do very well,” Feng said. “These other marketers, they’re just the owners and vendors are just using their space. [The owners] are not selling their items. Or they don’t know what the challenges are that we as vendors have.”

Little Market began on Broome Street but took off so quickly that Feng was able to open a location on Broadway in SoHo. 

Both locations operate the same way. Women-owned vendors pay Feng a monthly rent fee so they can display their products in Little Market’s spaces. Vendors can stay for as long ro as short as they want.

Vendors cater to a variety of audiences with their wears; from clothing to crafts to hand-made soap there’s something for everyone. Yes, they even have items that appeal to more masculine audiences. 

“What is great about Little Market is that the vendors change one can come two months later and see an entirely different set up. You are truly getting a unique shopping experience when you enter” Feng adds “The main goal of Little Market NYC is for women to come together and inspire them to connect, create, and champion each other through entrepreneurship. Our space provides a platform for brand growth and exposure to help you evolve your brand and take your passion to the next level.”

You can visit Little Market’s 2 locations in SoHo on 505 Broome Street and in NoHo on 637 Broadway. Both locations are open from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. everyday.