New York state job postings will soon be required to include salary ranges

Just a few months ago, New York City’s new pay transparency law, which required most local employers to disclose salary ranges in their job postings, went into took effect. 

Starting September 17, 2023, the guidelines will officially extend to New York state. What that effectively means is that any job listing pertaining to New York state-relegated positions will likely include offered salary ranges—so you won’t even have to waste your time sending out your resume for jobs that don’t suit your financial requirements.

“In order for New York to continue being the best place to work, we must create the best protections for our workers,” Governor Kathy Hochul said last week while signing the measure. “And this legislation will help do exactly that.”

A few technical details: the new rules apply to employers with at least four employees (owners and individual employers count as a person). As specified by Hochul, each posted salary range cannot be open-ended but must be clearly defined with a minimum and maximum income that’s to be considered a “good faith salary.” 

The politician also announced that employers who don’t comply will face penalties of up to $3,000 per violation.

Among the many issues that officials hope to solve with the new legislation is pay disparity. In fact, according to the United States Department of Labor, women made 83 cents for every dollar made by men in 2020. “These disparities are even greater among Black women (64 ents) and Hispanic women (57 cents),” reads an official press release. “The disclosures required by this law will empower workers with critical information, reduce discriminatory wage-setting and hiring practices and help level the playing field for all workers.

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