New Yorkers react to the sudden closure of all Hale & Hearty locations

By now, you must have heard that Hale & Hearty has closed all 16 of its New York locations without any real warning. 

Although the New York Post reports that signs on windows of various locations of the popular soup and sandwich shop read “temporary,” various media outlets have tried reaching out to the company to no avail.

Alas, that’s the law of the land here in New York: delicious spots open and close without warning and citizens constantly feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of restaurants that they never have time to properly dine at. A world-renowned culinary scene will do that to you.

Whether it be the mystery surrounding the shuttering of all Hale & Hearty locations or the chain’s 20-year-long history in town, New Yorkers are clearly sad about the development.

Here is a collection of their heartfelt reactions, courtesy of Twitter:

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