New Yorkers react to yesterday's insane airport delays

Citing “unexpected” staff unavailability that forced a reduction in “the flow of aircraft around New York City,” the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) warned travelers about major delays at all three major New York City-area airports at the beginning of the week. 

Although the message was appreciated, it did not do much in the way of easing customers’ frustration throughout the various travel hubs. Delays were up to two hours, after all.

According to NBC New York, the shortage specifically related to air-traffic controllers, with too many people in important positions calling out sick unexpectedly. “The sources insist that it was not an organized movement and that it was not necessarily all COVID-related,” reports the outlet.

Needless to say, travel delays have a way of throwing people off and inciting feelings of anxiety and anger. New Yorkers especially wear their emotions on their sleeves, so it’s no surprise that plenty of them took to social media to lash out at the travel industry and express their frustration about the pretty crazy delays—although the majority of them have been solved by now.

Here is a collection of some of the very best reactions we’ve come across since yesterday:

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