NYC is looking for artists to paint its garbage trucks

Attention, artists of New York: the city’s Department of Sanitation (DSNY) is looking for folks interested in painting murals on their garbage trucks.

Specifically, the Trucks for Art public project will allow artists to work their magic on 46,000-pound collection vehicles, each one offering about 400-square-feet of white canvas across the front, back and sides of each heavy-duty machine.

There are a few rules to abide by, based on the DSNY’s devotion to zero waste: each artist will only be able to use paints that would otherwise be discarded or recycled and proposed designs celebrating the agency’s essential workers will be prioritized.

If you’re not the greatest artist out there but would still like to contribute, opt instead to drop off any unwanted can, tube or spray paint at the upcoming SAFE Disposal Event on September 18 in Union Square (more information on that right here) or at one of DSNY’s special waste drop-off locations across the five boroughs (find a list of them here). 

Trucks of Art
Photograph: NYC Department of Sanitation

To be clear: this is a completely voluntary project so selected painters will not be paid for the three, seven-hour workdays that they will be granted to work on a truck.

Those interested can submit their proposed designs through September 18 at 11:59pm EST right here.

By mid-September, the agency will reach out to the selected artists who will then be asked to paint the vehicles in mid-September and early October. Before being assigned to their respective routes, the trucks will be on display for the public to see during a mid-October media event led by DSNY.

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