NYC may actually get snow this week!

New York City is on its 320th day without snow—a historic record as the third-longest snowless streak in NYC— but the streak may finally end on Wednesday, according to weather reports.

According to the National Weather Service, there’s a chance of snow on Wednesday, with about 1 to 2 inches possible, before rain washes it all away. Yeah, it’s not exactly a lot, but if it’s measurable, it counts.

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The predicted snow will come from a storm system from the southwest, bringing clouds and moisture with it with just enough cold air to present the possibility of snow, according to NY Metro Weather. The high on Wednesday will be 41.

If snow does fall, the snowless streak will end at 321 days, which will be the second longest streak on record, NYMW says.

The longest streak without snow was on January 29, 1973.

Why haven’t we seen snow yet? Climate change and la niña. Basically, temperatures are rising globally and that means less snow. Plus, the wind pattern la niña tends to usher in warmer winters on the east coast.

New Yorkers say it’s strange not to have any meaningful snowfall yet. They’ve taken to Twitter to sound off on this “weird” streak:

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