NYC pools will stay open late tonight!

Have you been outside today yet? Brace yourself: it is sweltering hot.

Although this new interactive map highlighting nearby cooling centers might help you deal with today’s unbearably high temperatures, there’s nothing quite like dipping into a refreshing pool—which is why the city has decided to extend hours at all of their Olympic- and intermediate-sized outdoor pools yesterday and today.

The destinations will stay open through 8pm tonight so if you’re stuck at work all day, make sure to bring along a bathing suit to visit the pools before the sun sets. 

You can find a free outdoor pool near you right here and here is our own list of the best public pools in NYC.

In case you’ve been cooped up in your apartment all morning long, you should also know that heat indices are predicted to range between 95 and 104 degrees today so it will truly be uncomfortably hot.

Needless to say, in addition to making a pit stop at a city pool, make sure to stay hydrated, drink plenty of fluids all day and, let’s be honest, make use of the wonderful invention that is air conditioning.

Stay safe, New Yorkers!

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