One of NYC’s most expensive sushi restaurants reopens its more affordable spot next week

Sushi spenders in the know know that Noz is one of the top luxe destinations in NYC—times two. Chef Nozomu Abe opened the original Sushi Noz with restaurateur brothers Joshua Foulquier and David Foulquier on the Upper East Side in 2007, and today its omakase is priced at $495 per person, including gratuity but before drinks and tax. The trio’s Noz 17 followed in 2021, presently priced at $400 to $435 per person, with the same caveat. 

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Considerably less expensive Noz Market hovered in-between, first opening at the end of 2020 and eventually expanding to serve a $75 prix fixe and à la carte items at Outdoors at Noz Market until late 2021, al fresco only. Reimagined and protected from the elements, Noz Market opens on Wednesday, January 25. 

Crucially, Noz Market shares seafood sourcing with its higher buy-in predecessors. Its own top tier is $145 per person for a seated 12-course omakase. Dollar signs descend from there. Temaki sets at the standing hand roll bar start at $33 for three, with the option to add pieces from $8-$22 (or the nail-biting “MP” for uni). It will also offer takeout and delivery. 

Noz Market is located at 1374 Third Avenue and opens on January 25.

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