Open for business: Mayor and Broadway stars invite tourists back with new incentive

Mayor Eric Adams joined Broadway Stars Tuesday inside the Empire State Building to encourage tourists to flock back to the Big Apple.

Adams, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, and a gaggle of stage show stars literally threw the switch on a new tourist program Jan. 18. Dubbed the NYC Winter Outing Program, this initiative looks to bolster the business of a variety of New York City staples from restaurants and museums to hotels, Broadway shows, tours, and more through sales and exclusive deals that are commencing now through February.

Mayor Eric Adams talks about the NYC Winter Outing Program in the Empire State Building flanked by Broadway actors. Photo by Dean Moses

“Of Brooklyn and New York and Queens and Manhattan and Staten Island. We have it all, and we are going to sell this good product that we have in our city,” Mayor Adams said, “The launching today of the winter outing program. It is cost effective. It’s a way of energizing New Yorkers to come back out to the New York City Restaurant Week, New York City and Broadway week, New York City must see week, New York City Hotel week—all of them together combined. It’s just sending one message: Why the heck are you going to Paris? Be here in New York City!”

The mayor underscored the importance of creating a motivation to bring travelers back to the city now after COVID-19 decimated many businesses. Pledging to not allow the deadly virus to define the city’s future, Adams promised to support the city. Additionally, while the infection rates continue to remain high, Adams shared that the numbers have deceased thanks to what he believes are high vaccination rates and booster shots.

It is hoped that by combining NYC Restaurant Week, NYC Broadway week, NYC Must see week, and NYC hotel week into one-month, native New Yorkers and domestic and international travelers will have great financial impact on businesses large and small throughout the five boroughs.

Mayor Eric Adams and Aladdin star Michael James Scott christened the NYC Winter Outing Program with the flipping of a switch on Jan. 18. Photo by Dean Moses
Broadway stars join in the fun. Photo by Dean Moses

Sales from competitively priced meals to Broadway offering two-for-one tickets, the initiative’s creators, NYC & Company, are looking to make the third annual affair a major draw for tourists. However, a black cloud of crime continues to hover over the very heart of the city they are looking to encourage visitors to frequent. With the fatal shooting of a fast-food restaurant employee and the senseless killing of a woman who was pushed into the path of an oncoming Times Square Q train taking place last week alone, in addition to the mayor admitting that he himself feels unsafe commuting underground, it may take a lot more than cheap hotel rooms to entice families back to the big city.

Nevertheless, Mayor Adams and Congresswoman Maloney cemented their support for the program by flipping a switch in the Empire State Building’s lobby before traveling to the very top where the pair overlooked the majestic city skyline. In order to celebrate the NYC Winter Outing Program, the Empire State Building will be lit up in light blue and white.

Mayor Eric Adams joined Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney for a trip to the top of the Empire State Building. Photo by Dean Moses
Mayor Eric Adams at the top of the Empire State Building on Jan. 18, 2022. Photo by Dean Moses