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Organic Marketing For Dispensaries

SEO is necessary for dispensaries to utilize in order to rank as one of the top search results. Customers want to know what dispensaries are close by, and you want your dispensary to be one of the first to show up. Continue reading below for tips on how to use SEO to market your dispensary.

1. Use Tools like Google My Business

Google My Business helps for your dispensary to show up on local search results. It is completely free to use. The results will showcase your dispensary’s website, contact information and location so long as you set it up. It will also showcase reviews of your business if you want them to show up.

2. Get Your Dispensary on a Directory

Another important step to take is to put your dispensary on an online directory. Some customers will go directly to the directory in order to find those near them. Make sure to use links on the directory listing for your business that will take potential customers to your website to find out more information about your business.

3. Make Your Content Relevant

First off, you should have a website that is full of content rich information. Make sure that the content you provide is relevant to your customer base. This will make you an expert in the cannabis industry, especially if your customers pass along the information you provide to others. A specialized cannabis writer might help you sprucing up your blog posts!

4. Use Keywords

Within your content, you should be sure to use keywords. When inserting these keywords, your specific content articles or websites will show up in search results. Research to learn more about what exactly people are looking for about the cannabis industry, and create content based on that.

5. Optimize Your Content

There are other steps besides utilizing keywords to make your content show up high on the list of search results. Make a title that contains the keywords as well as subheadings to allow search engines to know exactly what the content covers. Make sure to use links within your article to others on your site as well.

6. Make an Online Menu

Make sure your website has a list, or menu, of all of the cannabis products you have to offer. When a customer searches a specific product on any search engine, your dispensary will be in local search results as having the product. Make sure to have a description that is keyword rich and pictures of every product as well to attract customers to your site.

7. Use Data Analysis

It is important to use data analysis software such as Google Analytics to engage how well your content is reaching potential customers. Google Analytics gives you information about what is most popularly viewed on your site and how many customers you convert to a purchase. You can change what needs to be changed on the data as well to improve your numbers.

8. Ask for Reviews

Be sure to ask your customers to provide online reviews for your dispensary. This is especially important for customers who seemed to enjoy the services you offered. Reviews can be given on social media sites, travel sites and search engine results. Good reviews help you to show up high on the list, and help other customers to want to check out your business.

9. Perform Event Marketing

Event marketing comes from sponsoring events and charitable fundraisers. It will help you to build a positive reputation among those in your community, as well as build a multitude of natural links. Other individuals will find out more about your brand through these events as well, hopefully spreading the word about it to others.

Final Thoughts

SEO marketing is a very powerful tool to use for any business, but it is especially useful for dispensaries. There are many methods that can be utilized in order to promote SEO optimization and make your dispensary top of the search results. Use one of the tips listed above to market your dispensary.


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