Palm Springs 1960s time capsule lists for $2.29M

A technicolor fever dream of the house from “The Brady Bunch” is looking for a new owner. 

In the California desert resort city of Palm Springs, this stunning midcentury-modern home has barely been redecorated in 54 years. 

Located at 2055 S Joshua Tree Place, the rainbow-themed three-bedroom, three-bathroom property was built in 1969 and visually remains there today. 

The residence has been well-rewarded for remaining forever trapped in the year of its birth, refusing to change with the years: According to its listing, the compound “has been published many times over by large fashion brands, jewelry companies, major celebrity musical acts, lifestyle, film and television projects.”

Indeed, the custom-built original decor that adorns the interior is quite the photoshoot-ready sight to behold. 

There’s the pink bedroom with a wall-to-wall plush headboard and endless fuschia carpeting — even surrounding a geometrical, khaki-tone tub — as well as curtains, bedding and furniture to match.

Where there aren’t windows or floral wallpaper, there are mirrors. 

2055 S Joshua Tree Place
Note the raised bed and very long headboard.

2055 S Joshua Tree Place
The primary suite’s dressing room.

2055 S Joshua Tree Place
Only the bold cover their bathrooms in wall-to-wall carpeting.

2055 S Joshua Tree Place
A very blue guest bedroom.

2055 S Joshua Tree Place
One of three bedrooms.

2055 S Joshua Tree Place
A frozen-in-amber dining room.

2055 S Joshua Tree Place
A stunning emerald-tone seating area.

2055 S Joshua Tree Place
The kitchen recently underwent renovations.

2055 S Joshua Tree Place
A living room.

2055 S Joshua Tree Place
The pleasingly symmetrical backyard.

The living room is a year-round celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, with lime green almost everything, excepting the gilded table and wall mirror. 

The orange-accented kitchen has a rare tile floor — while there’s a blue-tone guest bedroom and a golden entry gate. 

The house is built to wrap around the yard, which has both an in-ground pool and a hot tub at its photogenic center. 

“To re-create that stuff today would be pretty expensive,” Berkshire Hathaway listing agent Lucio Bernal told Today of its extravagant time-capsule furnishings when it listed in 2016, for $850,000. 

Today, it is listed with Berkshire Hathaway’s Klint Watkins and seeks a much higher $2.29 million.

In 2016, the estate had but two owners, and the second couple only professed to retouching the kitchen. 

Since then the home has undergone a number of updates, including extensive garage and kitchen renovations, but it still looks like it never entered the 1970s.

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