Popular cocktail bar Angel’s Share is re-opening in a new location

Just a year after the closing of legendary Japanese-style cocktail bar Angel’s Share, the venue is making a comeback in Greenwich Village at 45 Grove Street by Bleecker Street, according to the New York Times.

What’s more, Erina Yoshida, the daughter of Tony Yoshida—the force behind the original iteration of the space—will man the new 65-seat space. It wasn’t immediately clear when it will open, however.

Given the popularity of the former location, on Stuyvesant Street near Third Avenue, and its importance within the city’s drinking canon, this is clearly huge news.

According to the Times, we can expect more of what we loved about the iconic drinking den, including the large gold-and-blue mural that hung above the original bar and the “famous etiquette policies, which preclude standing at the bar, parties larger than four people or reservations.” 

Unlike the original Angel’s Share, where bar food was served from a neighboring restaurant also under Yoshida’s ownership, the new one will have its own kitchen. “Small bites under consideration by the team include sashimi, crudos, karaage chicken and homemade pickles,” reports the Times

Angel’s Share has not responded to requests for comment regarding the new endeavor, including questions about when it will open or whether the pop-up the management has been operating inside Hotel Eventi since last June will permanently close or not. 

When it first opened back in 1993, Angel’s Share, whose name refers to the amount of whiskey that evaporates during the aging process, was one of the most defining speakeasy-style cocktail bars in all of New York—directly inspiring the birth of similar spots like PDT, the now-defunct Milk & Honey, Attaboy and The Back Room, to name just a few. Clearly, its return will be met with wide enthusiasm.

Although authentic speakeasies no longer exist—Prohibition is not a thing, after all—the new Angel’s Share will retain one defining aspect of the extinct bars: secrecy. To find the new venue, in fact, you’ll have to spot a door featuring the logo of an angel. 

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