See a flash mob to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' at last night's Village Halloween Parade

New Yorkers went all out for Halloween yesterday. The streets were bursting with energy as kids and adults alike joined celebrations after nearly two years of tapered excitement given a global pandemic that halted life as we know it.

And, today, we’re already reminiscing: from insane decorations quite literally hanging off townhouses to amazing costumes, loads of things caught our attention all around town yesterday—but none quite as much as the massive flash mob to Michael Jackson’s Thriller that took place smack-dab in the middle of the Village Halloween Parade last night.

Take a look:

We’ve been watching the video on repeat since it first appeared on our newsfeeds last night and there is so much wonderfulness to dissect, starting with the glow-in-the-dark shoes worn by the makeshift Jackson dancing in front of the crowd.

We’re also pretty shocked by the large number of folks that appear to have joined in on the choreography, a fact that leads us to the many questions we have: who organized the flash mob? How did everyone learn the dance? Did the group ever meet before the parade started? Can we please do this every single year… and how do we get in on the fun?

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