See the brand-new giant button sculpture that was just unveiled in the Garment District

Just a few months after announcing an upcoming major redesign to the iconic Garment District button and needle sculpture, officials have unveiled the new structure—and it’s certainly much more striking than its predecessor.

Replacing the information kiosk on premise, the new “Big Button” is 28 feet tall and features a 14-foot diameter aluminum button and a 32-foot brushed stainless steel needle. 

The new piece also differs in color from the original one, with designers Local Projects and UAP Company opting for an eye-catching bright yellow hue over a black one.

The very first “Big Button” was designed by James Biber of Pentagram Architects back in 1996. That same year, the Garment District Alliance renovated an existing information kiosk used by thousands of people year over year.

However, as time went by and technology improved, the need for an information desk diminished. Hence the Garment District Alliance’s 2017 decision to, according an official press release, “explore content and design concepts for the future of the kiosk” by engaging the services of experiential design firm Local Projects. 

“Through interviews and workshops with community stakeholders, [the firm] confirmed that, while a physical kiosk was no longer necessary, the Big Button is a beloved neighborhood icon that should remain and be enhanced as a pop art sculpture and placemaking amenity,” explains the press release.

Fast-forward to today and a beautiful new piece of public art work holds claim over midtown Manhattan. Stop by this weekend, it’s certainly worth the trip! 

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