Seven things to know about Candytopia's return to NYC

Seven things to know about Candytopia’s return to NYC

Ladies and gentlemen of New York, get ready for your Instagram feeds to be drenched in all things candy once more: Candytopia, the social media friendly exhibit that first debuted back in 2018, officially returns to the city tomorrow.

We took a peek at the destination before it opens and we must admit that the 24,000-square-foot space at 111 West 32nd Street by Penn Station is a feast for all senses.

Some rooms look like they did a few years ago while others are entirely new. One thing remains unchanged, though: the vast number of sculptures made entirely of candy that take up residence across the space. (Those in the aquarium and the welcoming library certainly stood out!)

Here are a few things to know about Candytopia before heading there:

1. The exhibit is bigger than ever.

Billed as both a museum exhibit and an interactive show, this year’s Candytopia takes over about 40 percent more space than its original iteration. Expect 17 rooms (including the gift shop!) to occupy the 24,000 square feet of space near Penn Station.

Photograph: Anna Rahmanan

2. You won’t only get to look at the candy…

…but actually eat it! Across each room, ticket holders will notice a treasure chest filled with different candies that are completely free for the taking. Fair warning: it will be hard not to indulge in every single offering, so you might want to skip breakfast the day of your visit. From Twizzlers to marshmallows and lollipops, you’ll get to revel in a lot of different sweets.

3. There are plenty of opportunities to take striking photos.

Photograph: Anna Rahmanan

Clearly created with Instagram and TikTok in mind, the space is replete with both direct and subtle social media cues that make for ideal photo ops. In addition to awesome backdrops that visitors can pose in front of, there are cameras all over most rooms that will snap photos of each guest. You’ll be able to access those via posted QR codes.

4. Tired? Worry not!

There’s a lounge room halfway through the experience complete with comfortable couches and maxi screens that will constantly broadcast candy-making videos. Think of them as great ASMR clips.

5. Be on the lookout for a famous New Yorker.

Photograph: Courtesy of Candytopia

Our very own Billy Joel gets the Candytopia treatment in one of the rooms, where you’ll notice a picture of the artist and a piano made entirely of candy. According to a plaque right by the object, the piano is made of 1,800 pieces of Jelly Beans, Rock Candy and Licorice Twists. How long did it take to build? A whopping 57 hours.

6. The famous marshmallow pit is back!

Photograph: Courtesy of Candytopia

The activity closes off the experience alongside a mini zipline that ends inside another sort of foam pit. Make sure to partake in both fun offerings!

Photograph: Anna Rahmanan

7. If you’re craving unique candies, the gift shop will deliver.

In addition to a whole bunch of popular candy brands, the gift shop is home to harder-to-find sweets like giant dum-dums and more. Buy a whole stack to keep at home—you never know when you’ll need a little pick-me-up.

You can buy tickets for Candytopia right here.

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