Shea, NYPD officers gather in Brooklyn for memorial service honoring slain delivery worker

Hours after finally capturing the alleged killer responsible, police officers and the city’s top cop attended a memorial service in Brooklyn for a deliveryman murdered in a botched Chinatown robbery attempt earlier this month. 

Fifty-one-year-old Sala Miah was fatally stabbed in Lower Manhattan’s Sara D. Roosevelt Park while making a Grubhub delivery on Oct. 16 during the early hours of the morning. His attacker, 23-year-old Joseph Sandoval, stole Miah’s Ebike after the incident but was nabbed by detectives one week later.

Commissioner Dermot Shea assures the Bangladeshi community that the NYPD is there for them. Photo Lloyd Mitchell

The murder rocked the Bangladeshi community, leaving many in mourning. On Oct. 24, the Islamic Center in Kensington, Brooklyn held a special prayer service to honor Miah’s memory and was attended by citizens and members of the police department alike. Joining the ceremony, Shea and fellow police officials looked to show solidarity to the community following the loss and to ensure they know the NYPD is staying vigilant when it comes to their safety.


Muhammad Ahsan becomes emotional talking about his brother-in-law Sala Miah, who was stabbed to death. Photo Lloyd Mitchell

The proceedings saw Police Commissioner Dermot Shea seated at a table with his head bowed as prayers were recited from the Quran and memories of Miah’s life were shared.

“He was a happy hard-working person. He wanted the American dream. We are glad to see justice,” Muhammad Ahsan, Miah’s Brother-in-law said. Miah had a daughter, 12 and son, 19 who both reside in Bangladesh with their mother. According to Ahsan, it was Miah’s dream to bring his family over to the United States.

“At this time his dream is over. We are healing,” Ahsan said.

A family photo of Sala Miah. Photo Lloyd Mitchell

The service was jam-packed with every seat filled as many looked to pay their respects, among whom was Commissioner Shea himself. The top cop told the community that they have an ally in the NYPD.

“We want peace for this community. We are glad to see an arrest in this case,” Shea said. “We want the Bangladesh community to feel safe. We are glad the suspect in this case was brought to justice.”

The suspect arrested for Miah’s murder is currently awaiting sentencing and charges.

Additional reporting by Lloyd Mitchell.

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea attends a vigil for 51-year-old, Sala Miah. Photo Lloyd Mitchell